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Jake Johnson’s Jurassic World character spends his time trying to handle unruly dinosaurs, but the actor himself had enough free time on Wednesday to answer some questions—including how close he got to Chris Pratt’s abs—in an EW Facebook chat.

The New Girl star revealed his pick for Hollywood’s biggest diva, what he thinks co-star Zooey Deschanel should name her baby, and his dream Star Wars role. See his best answers below, and visit the EW Facebook page to see the entire chat.

1. Jurassic World’s Indominus Rex is nowhere near as demanding as his New Girl co-star: “I’d say Max Greenfield is the biggest diva in Hollywood.”

2. He has a complicated friendship with New Girl‘s Lamorne Morris: “He thinks [we’re best friends]. I think he’s my 11th best friend.”

3. Zooey Deschanel, he has a name for your future child: “Zooey Jr.”

4. Don’t challenge him to a game of True American: “My liver can’t handle it.”

5. When asked whether or not Jurassic World is based on a Nick Miller novel, he offered a noncomittal answer: “Hahaha”

6. Greenfield might be a diva, but he made up for it: Kissing Max is a career highlight.”

7. If he appeared in a Star Wars remake, he’d want to be an: “Ewok”

8. He caressed Chris Pratt’s abs on the Jurassic World set: “A lot. We all did. He insisted.”

9. He’s pretty pumped for New Girl’s fifth season:“We already filmed a few episodes. Fred Armisen is in an episode and he’s hilarious.”

Jurassic World arrives in theaters Friday.

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