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Kesha accused Dr. Luke, a producer she’s worked with since 2005, of abuse in the fall, and she expanded on the original lawsuit in an amended complaint against both Dr. Luke and Sony Music Entertainment that alleges Sony knew about the abuse and that Dr. Luke has abused other female artists.

The complaint, obtained by EW after it first appeared on The Hollywood Reporter, reiterates what kind of abuse Kesha says Dr. Luke put her through—according to Kesha, he “constantly insulted her songwriting, vocals, clothing, body, and apperance,” among other offenses—and alleges that Sony “had knowledge of Dr. Luke treating female entertainers under his tutelage and supervision in the same manner as alleged here regarding [Kesha], which includes both physical and emotional abuse.”

“Upon information and belief, [Sony] has not investigated, supervised, taken any corrective action, or sought to prevent Dr. Luke from further physical and emotional abuse,” the lawsuit says. “Instead, [Sony] has supported Dr. Luke after learning of his abuse towards Kesha and [another artist].” It claims that Sony and Dr. Luke’s conduct “has and continues to put [Kesha’s] life at risk.”

“We view this as a desperate effort,” Dr. Luke’s lawyer, Christine Lepera, said in a statement to EW. “Nothing new is alleged, other than just a bunch of conclusions without any facts. And it is a mistake to have embroiled Sony.” Dr. Luke filed a complaint against Kesha last year, after she filed hers against him, accusing the singer of defamation and repudiation of their recording agreement.

When contacted by EW, Sony had no comment on Kesha’s newest allegations.