Credit: Emily Shur/HBO

We interrupt your Mike & Molly viewing for “The Mittens of Disapproval Are On.” That’s the tongue-in-cheek name of John Oliver’s FIFA infomercial that he put on Trinidad and Tobago air, via Deadspin. The bit was filmed in the Last Week Tonight studios with some of the audience still on hand to mock embattled and indicted soccer official Jack Warner.

Warner went on air last week after allegations of rampant corruption came out against FIFA, soccer’s international governing body, himself buying air on the country’s TV6 station in a program titled “The Gloves Are Off.” Oliver took action. “Since his preferred mode of communication is, evidently purchased time on Trinidad’s TV6, I have bought this time, in hope that he is watching,” he says in the ad.

He then pleas for Warner to follow through on his threat to reveal as many FIFA documents as possible. “Why should you do it?” Oliver poses. “Everybody hates you. I mean literally, everybody hates you.” Seems like as good a reason as any.

Watch the full ad over at Deadspin. To make the experience authentic, watch the mentioned Mike & Molly episode, “Melissa McCarthy still can’t get out of her CBS contract.”

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