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Warning: This story contains spoilers from the season finale of iZombie. Read at your own risk!

Liv’s big secret isn’t really that secret anymore.

During Tuesday’s iZombie finale, Major (Robert Buckley) attempted to wipe out Blaine (David Anders) and his crew at Meat Cute after escaping their clutches. Alas, he was stabbed in the process, so Liv (Rose McIver) was forced to scratch him to turn him into a zombie. Naturally, Major was pissed that he wasn’t given the choice to become a zombie—and that Liv had been lying to him the whole time—so Liv gave half the cure to him… and the other half to Blaine!

However, Liv’s brother (Nick Purcha) still showed up for his first day at work at Meat Cute just as Lieutenant Suzuki (Hiro Kanagawa) blew the place up. And the only thing that can save her bro? Liv’s blood, which she declines to give up. Is Liv’s life about to blow up? EW caught up with executive producer Rob Thomas to get the scoop on season 2:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Now that Major knows the truth, how does that change his relationship with Liv?

ROB THOMAS: We’re starting to break season 2 right now. He’s not happy with her as the season begins. We’re going to pick up the show a few months after the finale. Major still is not happy with Liv as we move forward.

Does Liv giving him the cure possibly thaw things between them?

What he’s mad about is the same stuff that everyone in my Twitter feed is mad about in terms of feeling like Liv should’ve told him much earlier, and should’ve trusted him with that information, and that she let him go into a mental hospital and doubt his own sanity rather than tell him.

This is a tough place for Liv to be when she gives Major the other half of the cure. How does Liv feel about losing her chance to become human, sacrificing being with Major once again and setting back the cure process? Is she in a bad state when the show returns?

Yeah, as a matter of fact she is for all the reasons you just listed. I don’t think she regrets giving Major the cure, but I do think that she would do almost anything to be human again. It has not escaped her that she had that shot and passed it up. As we go into season 2, they’re missing the tainted Utopium, which might allow them to make more. Ravi’s (Rahul Kohli) holy grail in season 2 is trying to track that down. I’m glad you picked up on all those things because there’s so much going on in that final episode that Liv never slows down to even let the audience consider the fact that she’s giving up her own shot when she gives Major that injection.

How will Blaine feel about being human again?

He loves not being a zombie. That said, it’s not good for his business model. In fact, I think we’re going to have a lot of fun next year with Blaine trying to pass for zombie with his clientele. It will be a very dangerous position to be in if his zombie customers are no longer frightened by him. If much of season 1 was about trying to pass as human while zombie, for Blaine in season 2, he’s going to try to pass for zombie as a human.

Will Major or Blaine suffer from any side effects from the cure next season?

I’m willing to tell you that much because I want there to be surprises, but yes, that cure is not perfect. There will absolutely be side effects. I’m not saying they’re heading toward death, but we have a mini-Flowers for Algernon story going on here with the rat. The rat is on the same cure that both Blaine and Major are. Whatever is going to happen to them may happen to that rat first.

Blaine threatened that zombies will overrun the city without him providing their meals. Is that one of the threats we’ll see in season 2?

Yes. That much is true. Also, in the finale, Vaughan (Steven Weber) lays down this gauntlet that will be a big part of the story for season 2. He says to his scientist, “You work on this Super Max and I will make sure to eliminate the zombie problem.” That’s going to be a new development in season 2. Zombies are going to start going missing. One of the things we want to do is make very strange bedfellows out of Liv and Blaine. They find themselves having to work together to fight a bigger evil.

We didn’t see Peyton (Aly Michalka) in the finale, but she also knows the truth about Liv. Is there anything you can tell us about where she went? A commenter in our recaps thinks she got scratched by Sebastian (Matthew MacCaull) and now she’ll be a zombie, too.

She didn’t, so that one is off the table, though maybe it’s not a bad idea. Maybe I should go back. [Laughs] We love Aly Michalka and the show is definitely better with her in it. She left to go do a pilot because she’s not a series regular. We had to write her off in a way that if we don’t have her available next year, it makes sense and we understand why she went away. But her pilot did not get ordered, which makes her available to us. We’re very hopeful of seeing more of her. In my mind, she’s bumming around Europe right now trying to get her head together.

Liv has declined to save her brother by giving him her blood. Is she going to have to reveal her zombism to her family?

That is one that I want to keep secret. That’s the question that I want fans discussing and seeing what they think before we launch in season 2. I know the answer to that question, but that’s one I want them thinking about.

Will Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) become more suspicious about the zombie situation next season?

It’s funny. I will reference my Twitter feed again: If I left it to my Twitter feed, Liv would’ve told everyone in episode 2. I like that there are secrets Liv is keeping. Somehow Clark Kent managed to keep it from Lois and Jimmy that he’s not Superman for 50 years. I’m hoping we can pull it off for two seasons with someone. That’s a different question than, “Will Clive ever land on zombies?” We’re breaking the first half of season 2 right now. It’s not on the board right now. At a certain point he may be presented with too much evidence. I never want to make him look dopey for not figuring it out. But right now there are no plans on it. We haven’t put it on the board yet.

My colleague Jeff Jensen was wondering whether you guys shot any alternate endings in case the show wasn’t renewed. Did you have any other plans?

No. We were feeling pretty good. Usually a network will warn you, “Hey, you might think about tying this up a bit.” We got no such warning, so we just plowed ahead.

iZombie returns to The CW this fall.

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