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Bryce Dallas Howard doesn’t just want to fight dinosaurs—Bryce Dallas Howard wants to punch dinosaurs, particularly as a superhero.

In the midst of the actress’ press tour for Jurassic World, which opens Friday, Howard spoke to CinemaBlend about another franchise she has a desire to be a part of: the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And when the potential role of Captain Marvel came up, Howard wasn’t shy about voicing her enthusiasm.

“Oh, my God, will you write that? Will you write that, please?” Howard asked. “Yes, let’s start a campaign now. That would be rad. Those movies are so fantastic, because talk about just these incredibly drawn characters! That’s the joy of the comics, is that you fall in love with these characters and it’s who they are that carries you from journey to journey to journey. … it’s not just about set pieces. It’s really about who these people are, and so, yes, I just would love to be in a Marvel film.”

Captain Marvel is scheduled to arrive in theaters in 2018 and although the film already has a confirmed screenwriting duo, we’ll probably have to wait awhile more before a star and director are announced. Sure, Howard has already technically played another well-known Marvel character—Gwen Stacy in Sony’s Spider-Man 3—but given that another fan favorite for the role is Natalie Dormer (seen kissing Steve Rogers in the first Captain America film), maybe the studio is open to making an exception. Especially if Howard gets that campaign off the ground.

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