Growing Pains
Credit: ABC/Getty Images

Here’s something that might get your scrunchie in a twist.

Though there’s been near-constant announcements of ‘80s and ‘90s TV reboots like Fuller House and Twin Peaks, beloved family sitcom Growing Pains will likely never join the trend.

At the Cool Comedy Hot Cuisine benefit for the Scleroderma Research Foundation on June 5, Alan Thicke, who played family patriarch Mike Seaver, said it just wasn’t in the cards.

“We did a couple TV movies, and I think that’s where we belong,” he told EW. “I like things to be left in the perspective of their historical narrative. It’s a crapshoot when you try to revisit that.”

But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t once a fictional version of a Growing Pains reboot, on his mockumentary series, Unusually Thicke.

“I had an idea, fictionally on the show [that]… weshould do a reboot, so I went to John Stamos, and tried to talk him into being the new Mike Seaver,” Thicke says. Apparently Stamos responded by saying they’d need to modernize the family and make them vampires, and that Mike Seaver should also be gay.

“So if you see a gay Mike Seaver vampire, you heard it here first,” he said with a laugh.

– Reporting by Christina Dugan