Moving your entire family to a new country always has its obstacles, but few like the ones Owen Wilson encounters when he moves his wife and two daughters to Southeast Asia in No Escape: Soon after relocating, he discovers he’s put his family in the midst of an explosive political coup.

Wilson stars alongside Lake Bell, who plays his wife, and in the latest U.K. trailer, the two do their best—along with the help of Pierce Brosnan—to keep their daughters (and themselves) out of harm’s way. That’s not so easy though: The rebels are ruthlessly executing foreigners.

At one point, Wilson has no choice but to throw his two daughters from one roof to the next. (Fear not: In The Weinstein Company’s version of an earlier trailer, released in March, that tactic works.) But this trailer cuts to the film’s title right as the little girl is flying through the air, an effect that adds an extra bit of suspense to the thriller’s trailer.

No Escape arrives in U.S. theaters Sept. 2.

No Escape
2015 movie
  • Movie
  • 103 minutes