Credit: Zade Rosenthal

If you happened to be on social media over the weekend, you may have noticed an increased presence of red wigs and signature black suits. Is Black Widow taking over the world? That was the goal behind Kristin Rielly’s international flash mob, an initiative that sought to bring awareness to one of the most beloved characters of the Marvel Universe.

On Twitter, passionate fans shared their support, accompanying pictures or messages with the hashtag #WeWantWidow. And at this weekend’s Special Edition: NYC, groups of Natasha Romanoff cosplayers gathered in solidarity to rally behind the campaign, while fans in other cities came together—costume or not—to spread the word.

This isn’t the first time that fans have organized a widespread campaign in support of the Avengers favorite. But unlike previous outings, Rielly’s petition isn’t just focused on getting the popular character her own film. Black Widow has routinely been left out of or marginalized in Avengers merchandise, and Rielly’s campaign is seeking to change that.

“I hope that this is the beginning of a more inclusive superhero universe for future movies and merchandise. I hope that the companies making awesome movies and fantastic toys and clothes realize that they can do even more because they have a bigger demographic than they originally thought,” Rielly said, speaking in an interview with The Mary Sue. “And I hope this inspires more geek girls to stand up and continue to have a strong and positive voice for inclusion in our community.”