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Five years ago, Pretty Little Liars first hit the air with the story of four girls, their missing best friend, and the cyber stalker who wouldn’t leave them alone. It was during that hour that Original “A” sent her first text. It was also during that hour that every character told his or her first, second, and probably third lie.

So, in honor of the pilot’s anniversary, we looked back at the hour that started it all to see just how many lies were told. Let’s just say that “A” would be proud of the result:

  1. Lie: Ali encourages her friends to get drunk on the night she disappeared. Truth: She’s drugging them.
  2. Lie: Ali: “Friends share secrets. That’s what keeps us close.” Truth: Ali does nothing but lie to her friends… and everyone else.
  3. Lie: After Ali disappears, Spencer returns to the barn to proclaim, “I’ve looked everywhere for her.” Truth: Spencer is crazy high on pills, and also potentially thinks she hit Ali with a shovel.
  4. Lie: The Montgomerys are a perfectly happy family. Truth: Byron is a cheater, and he and Aria are keeping that secret from poor Ella.
  5. Lie: Ezra just happens to recognize Aria at the bar. Truth: He knows who she is, and he applied to teach at Rosewood to get to the bottom of the Alison mystery.
  6. Lie: Aria says she’s “in college” and leaning toward an English major. Truth: She’s in high school.
  7. Lie: Ezra claims he tried writing but didn’t get very far. Truth: He’s researching a book right now.
  8. Lie: Ezra tells Aria, “I’d like to know more about you.” Truth: …”for a book I’m writing.”
  9. Lie: Hanna tells a worker at the mall that she’ll “be right back.” Truth: Yeah, she’s not bringing those sunglasses back, dude.
  10. Lie: Aria says, “We all know she’s dead” about Ali. Truth: She ain’t dead.
  11. Lie: “A” stands for Alison. Truth: “A” stands for Mona—at least this season.
  12. Lie: Emily loves her boyfriend and is straight. Truth: Emily is gay.
  13. Lie: Emily and Maya are just friends. Truth: They sort of love each other.
  14. Lie: Wren goes outside to get some air. Truth: He smokes, Melissa
  15. Lie: Wren and Spencer “talk.” Truth: He gives her a massage and hides it from Melissa.
  16. Lie: Byron telling Ella, “We’re good.” Truth: He’s a cheater!
  17. Lie: Byron telling Ella, “Nothing is going to happen. We are safe.” Truth: NO ONE in Rosewood is safe, and everything is going to happen.
  18. Lie: “The Jenna thing.” Truth: Ali blinded Jenna.
  19. Lie: Hanna tells everyone her mom is “much happier” without her dad and that their breakup was mutual. Truth: Her dad left, and her mom is miserable.
  20. Lie: Ashley and Wilden close the door to his office in order to “talk.” Truth: Very dirty, very adult things happen behind that closed door.
  21. Lie: Maya tells Emily, “They found Alison’s body.” Truth: That’s not Ali.
  22. Lie: Melissa acting all normal and stuff: Truth: Melissa buried Bethany Young alive.
  23. Lie: Ezra’s at Alison’s funeral because he’s a member of the community. Truth: Ezra’s at Alison’s funeral … BECAUSE HE KNEW HER.
  24. Lie: Ezra and Aria aren’t together. Truth: But really, they just kissed again. And this is just the start of their relationship.
  25. Lie: Mrs. D is “in mourning.” Truth: Remember when Mrs. D buried her own daughter alive?
  26. Lie: “The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.” Truth: Not in this case, people. Ali’s alive.
  27. Lie: Detective Wilden claims that Ali’s death is a murder. Truth: Again, not dead, guys.
  28. Lie: Detective Wilden telling the Liars, “Rest assured, I will find out what happened.” Truth: You don’t solve anything … and then you die. (We think.)
  29. Lie: Your phone rings when you get a text. Truth: Even a text tone doesn’t last that long.
  30. Lie: Literally everything.
  31. Lie: “A” threatens, “I’m still here bitches. And I know everything.” Truth: Okay, maybe that’s true.

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