Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Punk band Against Me! released Transgender Dysphoria Blues, a culmination of frontwoman Laura Jane Grace’s struggle with gender dysphoria and her coming out as transgender, back in January 2014. Now, in a new interview on Marc Maron’s podcast, WTF with Marc Maron, Grace has a frank conversation about how her bandmates and the punk community reacted to her transition.

Drummer Jay Weinberg and bassist Andrew Seward both left the band, but for different reasons, she explained. “The drummer and bass player [leaving] are totally separate things,” Grace said. “The drummer is just kind of a jerk, and the bass player was a dear friend, time for him to move on, unrelated to that.”

“That’s the tough thing going through a lot of this stuff,” she continued. “That’s obviously what it seems like, you defer to the fact, ‘Oh, you’re transitioning. Is it related to that, why certain things fell apart?’ Sometimes I wonder about that, but at the same time, it set off a chain of ‘a bunch of changes are going to take place in your life.'”

Grace adds her bandmates were “totally cool” with her transition. Maron also asked how the general punk community reacted to her decision. “The punks have been really supportive and really cool.” Grace said. “There’s been some dicks. [laughs]. There’s always a couple dicks. I don’t read the comments.”

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