June 05, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT

He’s a name suddenly popping up on all the parties you wish you were at. 21-year-old Thomas Jack out of Bemboka, Australia just got off a spring tour that saw he and his unique blend of tropical house beats (and an ever-increasing Latin flair thanks to his recent relocation to Miami) host the Do LaB at Coachella. And he’s heading back to the desert next week to play Splash House, one of the cooler pool parties of the year. Given its intimate nature, chances are you won’t be there, but with his help you can throw your own.

Ahead, what he cues up to get people out of the cabana and onto the dance floor. 

“SEVE (original mix)” – Tez Cadey

People respond to this song really well because it’s got the African vocals and stuff like that. I have a good feeling it’s gonna become a lot more popular through the summer time and it will become a really good summertime song.

“Make A Cake (original mix)” – Claude Vonstroke

I remember hearing this at the start of the year and I was like, “Holy sh-t! What’s this song?” It’s really good to break up the energy. It’s a little bit more like dirty bass, like more jump. It’s kind of like a goofy song and makes people groove and dance. It’s really cool. 

“Tambor y Plena (Original Mix)” – Cristian Vinci

This is a break between what I normally play and it’s this really cool, rhythmic percussion and these—I think it’s Portuguese—vocal. It’s a really cool vibe. That’s a lot of what I’ve been getting into now, I want to actually like make people try and dance as opposed to jumping. It’s kinda like salsa music, you hear it and you’re like, “Oh, I wanna like swing to it and really enjoy it.” 

“Pombery Uplena” – Christian Binsey

When I was in Berlin, I was digging through this vinyl shop and I found this song. So I got it off vinyl and recorded it and it’s this weird, salsa-y trumpet sort of song—that’s what I’m fully into right now. It’s groovy and everyone has fun when you play it. 

“Ok Samba (Original mix)” – Paolo Driver

So you see the theme of my sets—very African-y, sort of tribal stuff. That’s what I’m trying to base my stuff off now. It’s also because it’s different. Everyone plays the same thing all the time so I’m trying to figure out something that I can play that’s different. I feel like I found the next path of what I wanna venture onto—the focus is on grooves instead of drops. I’m trying to figure out now and how to make people want to dance instead of wanting to jump. 

“No me contesta (original mix)” – Ensaime

So you’ve got a Spanish guitar that goes over the drop and it’s like this breakdown where there’s this beautiful Spanish woman speaking. The rhythm of it, it’s really cool. It’s got that summery vibe. I played it at Coachella on the Do LaB stage.  

“Juice Machine (original mix)” – Butch & Gel Abril

It’s just a dope, sort of tech house track. It’s really big in Ibiza at the moment and it’s awesome. It’s a perfect daytime song for before you get into the more heavier stuff.  

“Every Single Piece (original mix)” Redondo & Bolier ft. She Keeps Bees

This is one of the more commercial ones I picked, it’s getting a lot of airplay at the moment. I have this as the start of a set, or at the end if you’re heavy heavy and you wanna bring it down, and you make them chilled and then bring it back up. It’s a great song to bring people back up. It’s still got the summery, acoustic vibe but there’s really cool vocals in it. It’s a good way to start and build into more deeper and heavier stuff. 

“I Am Oak – On Trees & Birds & Fire (Sam Feld remix)”

That’s my buddy Sam Feld’s remix. I’ve been playing it for a year straight and I will continue to because I think it’s such a great track. 

For more Thomas Jack sanctioned mixes, you can check out his Tropical House series on Soundcloud. And if you’ve already chewed those up, you hopefully won’t have to wait for too long. “I wanted to make it random because then people really really want it, then we’ll finally put out another one. So we’re trying to figure out who’s gonna be the next guest. There’s a few people in mind,” he says of the next release. 

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