In an era when Full House, Heroes and The X-Files are being rebooted for a new generation, Queer as Folk might not be too far behind.

During the ATX Festival’s panel reuniting the cast on Friday, the creators were open to the idea. “We’d start with a totally new cast,” executive producer Ron Cowen joked. Naturally, he got booed, while stars Peter Paige and Gale Harold playfully threw stuff at him.

In all seriousness, Cowen and fellow EP Dan Lipman would love to see how the original cast of characters are faring in an age where the LGBT community has grown exponentially. Lipman also noted they’d want to see how the originals would interact with the younger LGBT community.

Could this really happen? “Petition Netflix,” co-star Robert Gant said to much applause.

Stay tuned for the latest news coming out of ATX.

Queer as Folk
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