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[SPOILER ALERT: Read on only if you have already watched Saturday’s “Ruthless in Purpose, and Insidious in Method” episode of Orphan Black.]

There’s no rest for the wicked—literally—as Orphan Black sets the stage for the final two episodes of season three. While last week’s episode was a pleasantly fun respite from the lurking dangers of Project Castor, “Ruthless in Purpose, and Insidious in Method” reminded us exactly how high the stakes are in Clone Club world. And between that conversation with Cosima and Delphine, Felix going undercover, and a brewing connection between Helena and Donnie, it’s not surprising that Orphan Black co-creator John Fawcett revealed this was his favorite episode of the season.

EW: Oh, man. I have so many things to talk about in this episode, but I need to start at the end with the reveal of Dr. Nealon kidnapping Crystal…and Rachel being a part of it all. Clearly, this is setting the stage for the last two episodes, right?

JOHN FAWCETT: You’re right, this is just kind of like paving the way into our final two episodes. And it really is, for Rachel I think…just when you thought Rachel was down and out, she isn’t. And there’s been kind of a plan afoot for awhile. But it’s interesting, because it feels a little bit like, is Rachel in control of this plan? Or has Rachel been duped also? To me, there’s a sense of that at the end of the episode.

Backing up a little bit, I loved the scene where Felix goes to talk to Crystal. How much fun was it for Jordan to go undercover like that?

I think that’s the real kind of very compelling new part of episode eight. We were so interested in this sequence where Jordan essentially kind of goes undercover, playing a different character to meet a new clone. There’s a lot of exciting aspects to this episode. It’s one of my favorite episodes because I just think there are so many cool new twists and turns, but this sequence sort of starts as one thing and becomes something else. It becomes a very emotional scene. It’s emotional for Sarah, as well, who is listening in and hearing a girl who she kind of can really relate to. It’s interesting watching Sarah listen to Crystal tell her story, and you can see the emotional impact that this girl—who doesn’t know that she’s a clone, but feels like something has been different about her for her whole life—I think Sarah really, really relates to that. And then it’s fun watching Jordan kind of take that all to heart, because really, these two are there to not do something pleasant. They’re there to steal this girl’s identity! As a brother and sister who have grown up kind of hustling and grifting and doing what they can to get by, they’ve both grown up now. And maybe at some point earlier in their lives, they didn’t really feel that guilt when they did something like this. It was more fun, and the con was part of the adrenaline high. And now doing it kind of feels a bit icky. And I think you can see that they both feel that way. The scene just goes through so many different levels, for both characters.

It really does. And I loved seeing both Jordan and Tatiana act off each other while also playing different people. Usually, we just see one of them playing the role of someone else.

It’s a blast watching Tat play this new character and watching Jordan play a straight guy. And it was interesting too that Aaron Morton, who is our cinematographer…I don’t know if this is his directing debut, it’s very close to his directing debut that’s for sure, but he directed this episode and I think he just did a great job.

What you were saying before about watching a scene go through different levels, that was pretty much how I felt about the scenes between Delphine and Cosima. Maybe at one point, it wouldn’t have mattered too much if they got angry with each other, or if Cosima started to see other people, but they have a history now. And the stakes are higher for them.

And Cosima kind of winds up kind of betraying Delphine somewhat in this episode. So often we’ve seen Cosima take the brunt. Cosima’s heart is on her sleeve and Cosima is the one that gets the run around, and consistently, Delphine has betrayed Cosima. It’s interesting to Cosima do the exact same thing to Delphine, and pull the rug out from under Delphine.

And Delphine pretty much needs a hug after this episode. First Cosima betrays her, then she finds out about the book, then she finds out everyone went to Rachel…

I think Delphine’s journey in this episode is really interesting and really clearly mapped out by everyone. And it is this where she’s getting pushed and pulled in so many different directions, and you can see a character who is very believably coming to…is kind of going a little crazy—certainly emotionally. She’s angry, she’s paranoid, she’s been betrayed, she’s still in love, she’s struggling for power within this…it’s pretty cool watching Delphine’s character through this episode. She wants so badly to have Cosima back, I think, and she kisses her, but ends up pushing he away and saying “you should’ve trusted me.”

We didn’t get too many lighter moments in this episode, but it was definitely a treat to finally see the inside of Scott’s apartment. I geeked out.

It’s his geek den! We were dying to build the geek den. From my love of board gaming, we got a lot of different companies to work with us in terms of set dressing. All my favorite board games are in there someplace. And lots of cool books and other games and obviously, collectible figures and that kind of thing. It was really fun to put together and our art department did a great job.

At the risk of forgetting to talk about Donnie, who has done so much in the past two episodes. I feel like by the end of this hour he’s really proving how far he’s willing to go for his family.

At the end of the day, Donnie steps up. He’s got a family, he’s got kids, he’s got a wife and he loves her. I think it’s great watching the spineless turnip actually step and kind of be a man, and be jealous about his woman and try and make things right. And there’s more to come in this, and I think that watching him this season is really, really cool.

And having Donnie and Helena start to bond was a pretty genius move. I never would have thought I wanted that, but Kristian and Tatiana just sold it for me.

The relationship between him and Helena is definitely one to keep your eye on and watch. That gets tracked through in a really, really cool way. We sort of started laying the groundwork for Donnie and Helena in episode seven as Helena moves into the Hendrix house, and then watching these two develop a relationship was something we got really excited about. When we were designing this season right from the beginning, when we were deciding what season three was going to look like, it was always—we wanted Helena to move into the Hendrix’s house, live in the basement or wherever she had to, start wearing Alison’s clothes, and develop a kind of weird, special relationship with Donnie. That was a very bare-boned sort of story pitch for what we wanted to do with the Hendrix’s in the later part of the season, specifically with Helena.

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