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Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Last month, Entertainment Weekly interviewed Tom Holkenborg, a.k.a. Junkie XL, the composer who scored George Miller’s totally bonkers Mad Max: Fury Road. “The wasteland George created and the caricature of the dictator Immortan Joe, the look of the war boys, the cars—it’s so over the top,” Holkenborg said. “The music needed to match that.”

It’s one thing to read Holkenborg’s musical philosophy, filtered by a journalist. It’s another to hear the artist talk about his work himself and to see how that score melds with the film’s splendidly outrageous visuals to form a complete and unforgettable cinematic experience. “The Music of Mad Max: Fury Road” is an insightful, exclusive look inside the mind of an artist and an effective advertisement for seeing the operatic action film (again).

The soundtrack is available at iTunes and Amazon, among other places.

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures
Mad Max: Fury Road
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