Barbie has been wearing heels since 1959, but thanks to a new collection of dolls by Mattel, she can finally trade in her pumps for a pair of ballet flats. The Fashionista line of Barbies includes dolls with adjustable ankles, allowing Barbie to switch into flat shoes, unlike previous models in which her feet could only accommodate heels.

Barbies in the new collection will also feature 23 hair colors, 22 hairstyles, 18 eye colors and 14 facial shapes, Cosmopolitan first reported. “This line represents a continued evolution of the Barbie brand,” a spokeswoman for Mattel tells EW. The new diverse collection of dolls “was designed to represent the world girls see around them,” and comes in a time when customers want Barbie to do more than shop and tan on the beaches of Malibu. According to Mattel, the “articulated ankle” will continue to be featured on Barbie dolls through 2016.

Next up: a Barbie doll who acts as a doll version of Siri — no, really.