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When the Star Wars canon was pared down to its bare essentials last year, Disney announced that officially in-canon stories were set to include cartoons like Star Wars Rebels, Marvel comic book series and books.

As Disney has begun to fill in the lines of the galaxy far, far away, however, it’s recently made one revelation that should recontextualize a key relationship in the original Star Wars films for fans.

Marvel released Star Wars #6 this week, which included a major piece of information about Han Solo that Leia might have wanted to know when they first met.

Spoilers follow.

A masked character was introduced in the comic book series’ fourth issue, but the final pages of this week’s entry revealed her true identity. And it… well, changes some things about Han and Leia. As the page below shows, the woman, face to face with Han and Leia, introduces herself as Han’s wife, Sana Solo (which, regardless of what this means for canon, is a fantastic alliterative name).

These comics take place in between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, so presumably, the writers have either some plan in store for Sana to meet an untimely fate, break things off, or some other means of writing her out before Leia declares her love for Han (and he acknowledges it) in Empire.

The revelation stands as one of the most substantial changes to a major Star Wars character’s history since the franchise came under Disney’s wing. We’ll likely learn why Han never thought it wise to mention he was already spoken for in those earlier films as the comic book series progresses. But until then? Han has a lot of explaining to do.

Credit: Marvel

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