In the sixth season premiere of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Jerry Seinfeld and Elaine Julia Louis-Dreyfus have a mini Seinfeld reunion when the latter hops into Seinfeld’s car to grab some coffee. And not just any car: a 1964 Aston Martin that is, as Seinfeld puts it, “dapper, distinguished, deadly,” yada yada yada. More importantly, Seinfeld’s driving the model because, he explains, Louis-Dreyfus is “the James Bond of comedy.”

During their expedition, the two run into Hilary Swank, do plenty of reminiscing about Seinfeld—”Remember this?” Seinfeld repeatedly asks as he gives Louis-Dreyfus several hugs—and stop, not just for coffee, but for a meal. Stick around to hear Louis-Dreyfus talk about her week spent scooping ice cream for an 18-year-old who looked 40, Seinfeld contemplate whether to ask for hotter coffee, and Louis-Dreyfus pause their trip down memory lane to ask Seinfeld’s wife about how to better shop on Net-a-Porter.

“And by the way, thank you for training him to become a human being,” she tells Seinfeld’s wife, Jessica. “You’re really making me miss the show now,” Seinfeld jokes in response.

Check out the full episode below.From Crackle: Julia Louis-Dreyfus: I’ll Go If I Don’t Have To Talk

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
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