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Later this summer, AMC will debut its new Walking Dead companion series, Fear the Walking Dead—but we’ve got some exclusive new images from the show right now, along with intel from Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman.

In the photo above, we see Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) with her boyfriend Matt (Maestro Harrell, best known as Randy from The Wire). Just how close are Alicia and Matt, and what will happen to their relationship with the zombie apocalypse hits? We’ll have to wait to find out, but Kirkman gave us some bonus intel on Alicia, who is the daughter of Kim Dickens’ Madison: “Alicia is your atypical teenage girl. She excels at school. She’s on her way to college. She’s very self-sufficient. She’s very self-reliant. She’s kind of the model student and the model child.”

But as Kirkman tells us, Alicia’s brother is far from the model child. “In the face of that, we’ve got Nick—who is played by Frank Dillane—who is pretty much a parent’s worst nightmare. He has flunked out of college, had a lot of trouble, got mixed up in some bad elements, and is definitely the problem child. And it’s exacerbated for him to be next to this perfect sister who seemingly doesn’t have anything going on in her life that is negative. But that’s not really the case, that’s just his perception. So you have these two siblings that are very much at odds with each other. They love each other because they are brother and sister, but to a certain extent it’s almost like they are each other’s worst enemies because one is screwing things up while she’s trying to achieve things and get on to the college, and the other one is seeing her as this reminder of everything that he can’t be. So it’s an interesting dynamic.”

Kirkman also shared some scoop about Alicia and Nick’s mom, Madison, whom you can see in another new photo below: “Madison is a character whose husband died. And she’s been raising her kids on her own, so she’s a character that has experienced a very abrupt change to her life that she has had to adapt to. So there’s an inherent strength in this single mother that makes her in some ways uniquely adapted to live in the zombie apocalypse. And I think Kim has shown that if you want to have a strong female character, a no-nonsense strong character —but with a lot of warmth, because its hard sometimes to find an actress that can have those two things and can be this leader and also have this warmth and this kindness to her—that’s something that Kim is very capable of.”

Credit: Justin Lubin/AMC

Then there’s Madison’s boyfriend Travis, played by Cliff Curtis. You can see the couple in our third exclusive photo below. Here’s what Kirkman has to say about the character and the man who plays him: “Travis is a character that represents a sense of stability in Madison’s life, and so he’s really 100 percent on board. With the craziness of her life, he’s her rock. He’s her foundation. He’s come into this and become a part of her life and definitely is someone she’s leaned on. He’s definitely got a darkness to his past. There are some interesting revelations to come with him, I’ll just say that. He is finding himself torn between Liza, his ex-wife, and Madison.”

Credit: Justin Lubin/AMC

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