Muse has cornered the operating never-say-never rock-and-roll market—and it’s not about to give that up, judging from their new lyric video for “JFK” and “Defectors,” off their upcoming album Drones.

“JFK” is an instrumental interlude under President John F. Kennedy’s 1961 speech, mixed with quick shots of Guy Fawkes-mask-wearing folks, Edward Snowden, and the former POTUS himself. This is all before a tube TV is smashed and the trio pops up and rocks “Defectors” through what’s probably one of those two-ton video recorders that your mom dragged to soccer games; it’s a late 80s, early 90s MTV pastiche.

The footage is reminiscent of that montage Morpheus shows Neo near the beginning of The Matrix, if only it continued on and got conspiracy heavy. So get paranoid! Watch and listen above ahead of Drones‘ release on June 8.