Credit: Everett Collection

Leonard Nimoy’s son has launched a Kickstarter campaign to create a feature-length documentary based on his father and his famous Star Trek character Mr. Spock.

Adam Nimoy wants to raise $600,000 for For the Love of Spock, which is “a project that was important to my dad and has become extremely important to me,” he wrote on the campaign’s page. The Kickstarter runs until July 1.

“Last year, my father and I began working on a documentary about the life of Mr. Spock,” Adam Nimoy said in the campaign’s video. “We were both very much aware that the 50th anniversary of Star Trek the original series was coming up in 2016 and we wanted to create something to commemorate that event, a documentary based primarily on Mr. Spock had never been done before, and we both felt strongly about paying tribute to the half-human, half-Vulcan first officer of the Starship Enterprise.”

Leonard Nimoy died at the age of 83 in February, shattering the possibility of the two continuing the film together. However, Adam has decided to proceed with the film, though not alone. Among those who will be involved with the project are actor Zachary Quinto, who portrays the character of Spock in the current Star Trek franchise and has “generously agreed to narrate the film about the famous Vulcan, a character he now knows quite well himself.”

Adam also expressed the changes he has decided to make to the film since his father’s death, writing, “Although I had initially intended to take a somewhat detached, objective view of the subject matter, more and more people involved in this film have urged me to interject some of my own perspective on what it was like growing up with Mr. Spock in the house, and how Dad’s new-found celebrity and meteoric career affected my life.”