Jane the Virgin‘s Rogelio De La Vega is not a shy man. In fact, there’s nothing he loves more than the spotlight. Well, other than himself.

And in CBS’ Emmy campaign poster for the man behind Rogelio, Jaime Camil, to be considered for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series, the studio channeled the actor’s on-screen persona by using a picture from the show, in which Camil (as Rogelio) stripped down on a bed with nothing but a baby leopard to cover himself. As the poster puts it: “Dear Emmy Voters, You’re Welcome!”

After listing a number of great reviews for Camil’s work on the show, Rogelio writes one final note: “To the members of the press that I do not know: Thank you for stating the obvious. I love you almost as much as I love myself.”

All we know is that if Emmys were given out solely based on posters, Camil would be a sure thing.

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