Credit: Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Agent Carter star Hayley Atwell has mastered the art of Twitter — trust us, her account is a must-follow — so it was no surprise to see the actress document her trip to Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri, where Atwell threw out the first pitch before Tuesday’s Kansas City Royals game.

The British-born Marvel star spent a lot of time in Kansas City growing up (her father is from the city) and roots for the defending American League champions. In addition to throwing a strike (“Well, I didn’t mess it up,” she wrote on Twitter), Atwell took photos on the field before the game with Royals players and the team’s mascot.

She even balanced a ball on her head.

The only blemish on the evening? The Royals lost to the Cleveland Indians, 2-1. Coulda used more Atwell.