Credit: Photograph by Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair; Steve Granitz/WireImage

The publishing industry is already bracing itself for a Caitlyn Jenner memoir—but just how big a deal could the book be? “It’s going to be one of the biggest publishing events ever,” says Emi Battaglia, director of marketing and publicity at Regan Arts. “Everybody in town who is able to pay a pretty significant price—because I don’t think it’s going to come cheaply—is going to want to be in [on the book auction].” Which leaves us wondering:

How much is it worth?

Battaglia believes an advance could bring in as much as $10 million. “High seven figures for sure,” she adds. Another publishing insider thinks it will go for even more, possibly as high as the advance Bill Clinton received for his autobiography: “It could be worth $12 to $15 million.”

Why is it worth so much?

“The book is going to be a mega-bestseller,” Battaglia says. “It has the ability to remain on the list for a significant period of time.”

When should it be released?

Jennifer Robinson, publicity director of Gallery Books, suggests waiting a year before publishing. “I just feel like now, there’s so much, because you have the Diane Sawyer [interview], and you have Vanity Fair, and you have the reality show,” she says. “But if [the book] was a chronicle of the first year, that would be fascinating.”