Twisted Sister
Credit: Tony Mottram/Retna

The forthcoming Twister Sister doc got a big co-sign Tuesday when Music Box Films, the studio that released 2015 Oscar winner Ida, announced its acquisition of We Are Twisted F—ing Sister. Andrew Horn’s film traces the time before the band owned the 80s—and frontman Dee Snider was forced to testify before the U.S. Senate for endearingly “offensive” lyrics.

Andrew Horn has delivered a quintessential rock documentary,” Music Box Films’ managing partner Ed Arentz said in a press release. “It’s a film that obviously speaks to Twisted’s legion of fans, but will allow a whole new audience to experience the 70s NYC suburban rock club scene in all its sweaty, grimy, glittery glory, and what it took to become its undisputed masters.”

The film is slated for an August distribution. Fittingly, the band is planning a farewell tour next year to mark its 40th anniversary. The victory lap was planned in the wake of the death of longtime drummer A.J. Pero, who died in March.

But don’t expect them to be any less crazy. The name of the tour? Forty and F–k It, a moniker as meek and modest as the band itself.

Twisted SIster
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