Credit: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Melissa McCarthy may be behind some of the funniest comedies in recent years, but there’s only one film that she would describe as “a perfect movie.”

EW and People editorial director Jess Cagle sat down with McCarthy, Jason Statham, and Paul Feig to talk about the upcoming Spy and ask them about some of their favorite comedies, and McCarthy cited her “true love/obsession” for Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.

“I tried to watch it on a plane once, and I realized I should not watch it in public because I look so crazy, because it makes me laugh so hard,” she said. “And then two scenes later, it breaks my heart, and it makes me cry. So I think everybody around me was very uncomfortable. They thought I was having a breakdown because I was laughing and then crying and then laughing.”

McCarthy also talked about the person who gave her some of the worst career advice she’s ever received: her mother. A few days after she moved to New York to follow a lifelong dream of studying clothing and textiles, a friend encouraged her to try standup. When she called her parents afterward and told them she wanted to drop out of school and pursue comedy, they shrugged and told her to go for it.

“I asked my mom [about it recently], and I said, ‘No offense, but that’s terrible advice. Why didn’t you talk me out of it?’” McCarthy recalled. “And she goes, ‘Well, fashion seemed very unreliable.’ And it was like, ‘And you found great comfort in standup?’ She was like, ‘I don’t know. I just thought you were funny and if you worked hard, maybe.’”

“Glad that worked out because that’s horrible advice,” McCarthy added, laughing.

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