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Wild Ones

Flo Rida certainly has the ears of a hit maker. Since his breakout in 2008 with “Low”—a chart-topping debut—he’s managed two more No. 1’s and 15 other songs on the Billboard Hot 100, the latest, “GDFR,” breaking the Top 10.

So what’s his secret to success? It’s simple: putting in the time and energy to making the music. “Sometimes I’m in the studio for two or three days and I’m just so inspired,” the rapper told EW at Pepsi and iHeart Radio’s Kick-off Summer event on June 1. “I don’t want to leave because you never know the next hot record that’s going to come out.”

Having a team of masterminds doesn’t hurt, either. “I have a team around me that gives me that honest opinion and tells me, ‘Man, that’s not hot.’ I think we have great ears to give you some ear candy, something you won’t get tired of, something that you love,” he says.

Flo Rida dropped his most recent EP, My House in April, his first since 2012’s full-length Wild Ones. He teased another LP titled The Perfect 10 last year, so releasing the shorter collection came as a bit of a surprise. However, Flo promises The Perfect 10 is still happening.

“Definitely gotta give [The Perfect 10] to the fans,” he says. “I just wanted to get it out there knowing that we had at least six or seven joints on the album that would definitely drive the fans crazy.”

And it has—the EP hit No. 14 on the Billboard 200, and his collaboration with Robin Thicke, “I Don’t Like It, I Love It,” has been dubbed a potential song of the summer. While he loves that record, Flo thinks his forthcoming single “Red Cup” (featuring Gorilla Zoe and Afrojack) will be the true competitor for that title—or the upcoming track by Natalie La Rose, one of the artists under Flo Rida’s label International Music Group.

“It’s crazy,” he says of La Rose’s success. (You might recognize her from the single “Somebody” with Jeremih.) “I’m just so happy that I can actually help birth someone’s career and see the humbleness, knowing the potential she has.”

Flo Rida looks to the future with high hopes—including a dream collaboration. “I’m a big fan of what Beyonce does,” he says. “I would love to do a record with her. That’d be next-level for me.”

Wild Ones
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