Batman is sharing the spotlight in his latest virtual adventure, with everyone from Robin to Nightwing to Catwoman pitching in to fight Gotham’s worst in Batman: Arkham Knight. But the heroes aren’t the only ones having all the fun, as Harley Quinn will also be playable.

The Joker’s biggest fan will factor into Arkham Knight‘s story, but players will also be able to play as Harley in a story mission that will be exclusive to those who pre-order the game (until it’s likely available as a paid download after the game has come out).

So for fans of Tara Strong’s performance as Harley, putting down money for the game is an easy choice, and the trailer above will give you a sense of the mayhem Harley can unleash. But it is symptomatic of the game’s release strategy, which ensures it is incredibly difficult to play almost everything being made for the game.

Polygon has already done a great job of outlining the different retailer exclusive pre-order options, which spreads extra content around to different stores. Harley is a pre-order bonus at nearly every location. Depending on what experience you’re looking for out of the rest of the game, however, it all may come down to at which store you choose to buy the game—which is an unfortunate position for the player to be in.

Arkham Knight also has a comprehensive post-launch plan, with content promised for six months following its release later this month. Some of that content is known and sounds exciting, but the full picture remains a mystery.

We’ll likely know more after Batman: Arkham Knight releases on June 23 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

Batman: Arkham Knight
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