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Salute Your Shorts

Proving that friendship really is what lasts forever at Camp Anawanna, the cast of Salute Your Shorts reunited last week at Portland’s Everything Is Festival. It wasn’t the first cast reunion in recent years—they met up for a panel at Stan Lee’s Comicaze in 2012—but it was the largest. Danny Cooksey (Budnick) was the most notable absence. Off planning a prank somewhere, perhaps?

Series creator Steve Slavkin, who also played Dr. Kahn, was joined by Kirk Baily (Ug Lee), Megan Berwick (Z.Z. Ziff), Michael Bower (Donkeylips), Venus DeMilo (Telly), Trevor Eyster (Sponge), Heidi Lucas (Dina), and Erik MacArthur (Michael). The cast held a panel discussion, met fans, and considered the possibility of a spinoff—set at camp, obviously—on a Portland-area local news interview.

TMZ also caught up with Bower at the airport, where he joined in a rendition of the theme song. Now get it right, or pay the price.

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Salute Your Shorts
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