Credit: Reed Saxon/AP

Though Robin Williams’ wife and children made progress to divide the late actor’s belongings, financial backing for one of his homes and various articles of clothing have yet to be sorted out, according to the Associated Press.

“I’m representing an emotionally grieving widow who’s trying to honor her husband’s wishes,” James Wagstaffe, the attorney for Robin Williams’ widow, Susan Williams, told the judge. The kids’ lawyer, Meredith Bushnell, responded by saying Williams was employing “delay tactics.”

San Francisco Superior Court Judge Andrew Cheng told Susan Williams and Zachary, Zelda and Cody Williams—the actor’s children—they have to settle the rest of the estate issues by the end of July. Susan Williams seeks some of her departed husband’s belongings, such as T-shirts and pair of slippers, in addition to an appropriate sum to maintain the mansion the two shared, according to Robin Williams’ will. His children claim the demands of particular material possessions by their stepmother is “adding insult to a terrible injury.”