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June 01, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT
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Things were finally settling down for Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) and Vincent (Jay Ryan)—but they’ll need to jump back into action when Beauty and the Beast returns for a third season on June 11. 

After alluding to bigger and badder threats in last year’s finale, U.S. Department of Homeland Security agents look to the duo to help take down new beast-like creatures who are in possession of some serious super powers. And they’ll also have to deal with J.T. Forbes (Austin Basis), who was left for dead and injected with a mysterious substance that will show its effects this season.

Ahead of the premiere, Kreuk spoke with EW about what to expect this season and how she imagines Vincent and Catherine’s happily ever after. 

Entertainment Weekly: Was the season 2 finale written as series finale?

Kristin Kreuk: The season 2 finale was written as both [a season and a series finale]. We didn’t know what was going on, so Brad Kern and his team had to write it as if it were possibly a series finale and possibly just a season ender. So there was a cliffhanger in there as well, with the DHS agents that they speak to who kind of insinuate that there are more threats out there and that they could use their help. 

Can you elaborate on these threats?

I think there’s two basic aspects to this season for Vincent and Catherine, where their relationship is really strong and there’s no longer any love triangles or other people involved. They’re together, but they’re also dealing with slightly different viewpoints. Catherine has been secretly meeting with the DHS agents—not working with them, but kind of listening to them and looking at the data that they’re presenting her. They’re saying that there are other creatures out there, and she doesn’t believe them.

Catherine eventually goes on this kick about destiny, and that Vincent and Catherine are destined for more than just loving each other—[destined to] save people, make a change.Vincent doesn’t want to have anything to do with it. He doesn’t believe that that is true, so they come up against this conflict. And so the bad guys seem to have “super powers,” but they don’t seem to be beasts. They’re trying to figure out what’s going on and where they’re coming from, and if it’s someone that’s creating them. 

From the previews, it looks like Vincent is going to be beasting out more frequently.

There’s, like, a primitive thing that Vincent goes through this season where, as their relationship progresses, Brad [Kern] is toying a little bit with the idea of men and commitment and those stereotypes. So he’s struggling with—on a primitive level, not on a conscious level—the progression of the relationship. 

What are some of the things they’re going to fight about?

Well, there’s a bunch of stuff—but the thing with Vincent and Catherine is that there’s always a greater threat out there. So any of the smaller, personal things that go on in their relationship become overshadowed by the fact that each of their lives are in danger on almost a daily basis. So they’re struggling with their careers and trying to see each other. 

Who do you think would make a better roommate, Vincent or Catherine?

You know what? They’re both not bad roommates. I think Catherine’s a little more fastidious than Vincent is, but it seems like Vincent’s a little more laid back. Like, he’ll play a video game and have some beer. I think Catherine’s a workaholic, and she’s a little more specific about what she likes. 

And now Heather knows about Vincent. What does that mean for her relationship with both him and Catherine moving forward?

Heather gets involved in the Scooby Gang and she doesn’t quite know how to go about keeping the secret. She’s just not as cautious as everybody else, but she’s also really invested in being a part of the team, and she adds so much light and fun. I think that for Catherine and Heather, it brings them closer—although Catherine’s always worried about Heather’s safety. And for Vincent, I think it’s kind of tough because he’s a gruff sort of a fellow and Heather is a perky, bubbly kind of a gal. They don’t necessarily see eye-to-eye, but through the season, you see his trust and love for her grow. 

Do people ever confuse the show with the 1991 animated film? 

All the time. I think it depends on how people were introduced to the Beauty and the Beast story. But most of us, I think, were introduced with the more contemporary film. So if I tell people I’m doing a show called Beauty and the Beast, they think it’s Belle and yellow dresses and stuff like that—which is absolutely not the world we’re working in, although thematically, it’s similar.

How do you imagine Catherine and Vincent’s happily ever after?

In one way, they really imagine their happily ever after just in a normal life where he would work at the hospital and she would work at the precinct, and they would see each other on the weekends and in the evenings and it would just be normal. But I think that underneath that, there is something for each of them that craves adventure and craves excitement. If they were really honest with themselves, a happily ever after would involve some of those things, with them working together to help the world. 

What shows are you binge watching?

Right now, I’m kind of on a binge-watching break. But that’s not to say I don’t do it on a regular basis. The last one that I remember doing really intensely was The Returned, the French series that A&E remade it. That and Broadchurch. Those are the two that I most recently binge watched, like up til 3 a.m.

What reruns do you remember watching growing up?

It’s funny because when I was a kid, it was really Star Trek: The Next Generation. I love that show. And later on—because I didn’t get TV until I was a little older—when Friends was airing, I’d watch the reruns. 

Beauty and the Beast premieres June 11 at 8 p.m. on the CW Network. 

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