In most cliché-riddled sports movies, there are typically two types of female characters. There’s the woman who is an obvious red-flag for the hero—your Kelly Preston in Jerry Maguire, your Barbara Hershey in The Natural—and then there’s the cool girl who presents some sort of off-the-field balance that ultimately enables the hero to grab the glory. Guess which one Kate McKinnon is in Balls Out?

Balls Out might be one of the best flag-football movies ever made. (The only?) Jake Lacy (Obvious Child) plays a stressed-out fifth-year college student, Caleb, who turns to flag-football to blow off some steam during the latter stages of his engagement and LSAT prep. Not unlike Vince Vaughn in Dodgeball, he leads a motley crew of campus oddballs and rejects against a collar-popping psychotic (SNL‘s Beck Bennett) who will stop at nothing for victory.

McKinnon plays Vicky, the Fiancée From Hell. It’s that extreme unlikability that drew her to the role. “I just thought it was so funny and an opportunity to play a bitch—which I’d never done before,” McKinnon said to EW last year, before Balls Out debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival. “One of my favorite things is to try and make an unlikable person endearing, so this was the perfect opportunity.”

In this exclusive clip, Vicky drags Caleb to a cake-tasting and tries to guilt her beau into getting focused on their future. Balls Out, which is directed by Andrew Disney and also stars Jay Pharoah and Nikki Reed, opens in theaters and on VOD June 19.