Credit: Instagram/Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham hit back at online commenters who wrote that her support for Hillary Clinton’s presidential candidacy was based on gender.

“Hey, just a head’s up: accusing women of supporting Hillary just because she’s female is misogynistic BS- women are smart enough to make decisions based on a number of factors: policy, track record, campaign strategy,” Dunham wrote on an Instagram photo of Lil Kim. “Yes I think it’s time for a female president but I’m not part of a witch’s cabal that senses ovaries and suddenly MUST VOTE. Plus if I was gonna vote for someone just because she was female it would be this chick, written in on all my ballots always.”

The backlash started after Dunham posted a selfie of herself with Clinton bumper sticker following a visit to the candidate’s campaign headquarters in Brooklyn. But the Girls star has been vocal about her Clinton support for months, and it seems the feeling is mutual.