There are two main takeaways from Muse’s new thriller of a music video in “Reaper”: 1) Value your life when facing robots trying to kill you, and B) definitely channel Van Halen. Frontman Matthew Bellamy channels Eddie’s furious finger-tapping at the top of the new “Reapers” video that tracks a woman piloting, yes, a drone that unrelentingly chases a poor sap through what’s probably that nuclear test site in Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. Sadly, salvation is not found in a refrigerator twice.

The glimpses of Muse’s seventh studio album, Drones, which is out June 8, are promising. “Reapers” brings the heavy riffs and fuzzy, abrasive wall of sound. It sounds like 10-year-ago Muse, and that’s a very good Muse. Watch the new video above.