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Good news, Deadpool fans: Ryan Reynolds has announced the Deadpool movie has wrapped filming, bringing it one step closer to the big screen.

Now here’s the bad news: Deadpool has finished filming, which means Ryan Reynolds will no longer be able to to capture amazing moments from set. (It’s safe to assume Deadpool helped deliver a baby mid-shoot, right?)

Reynolds posted a picture of a carving he presumably left from a shoot location, commemorating the end of the shoot and forever immortalizing Deadpool’s presence.

Reynolds also posted a photo on Instagram with a thank you to fans and crew that extended slightly beyond 140 characters. He mentions that it’s been almost six years to the day since the photo was taken of him, writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, and director Tim Miller as they began to put the film together. He noted the bumpy road Deadpool took to the big screen and how the chatter fans made about it kept the project alive.

Deadpool is far from finished of course—filming may have concluded but there is plenty of post-production work left to be done. And while a shot of Deadpool in the editing bay will probably not be quite as exciting as what Reynolds has posted so far, we hope he continues to give fans a peek behind the mask before the film hits theaters on Feb. 12, 2016.

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