“I’m never going to make the same album twice, there’s too much of that. But I think you have to let the goal find you. I know that sounds weird but you can’t force a sound. You can’t force an emotion. The record has to find you,” says country artist Kip Moore, explaining the origins of his second full-length. “This one is more organic than the first. I came up with the music in soundchecks playing different grooves and vibing with the band and hearing stuff and telling them to play different parts. And then I would just go back in my bunk with a guitar part of mine several nights in a row and I would wait for the lyric to come to me. I wouldn’t force anything; I would just think, ‘What does this piece of music mean to me?’ and find out what it was saying.”

Moore released his multi-platinum debut collection, Up All Night, in 2012 and fans have been clamoring for a follow-up just about ever since. Several singles have dropped along the way, “Young Love,” “Dirt Road,” and “I’m To Blame“—but only the latter will be on the just-announced 13-track album which EW can now reveal is titled Wild Ones and is due out Aug. 21.

“I’m a completely different person now. So that’s why I figure you have to let the record find you, because it’s where you are in your life,” Moore says, explaining the years taken between albums. As for where the 35-year-old is in his life, “I think you sense a lot of desperation on this record,” he begins.

“It’s such a traveling circus that we do for a living—that’s why I called this record Wild Ones—and that evokes so many emotions. It can bring such a joy when things are going well and it can bring such a sadness, especially with someone like me that’s already kind of… I can get stuck in really dark places, and the road can play these tricks on your mind that you’re losing so much of your life—I think that you sense some of that on this record. And then you’ll sense the whole other side, of this joy. The first record was such a nostalgic record and this is a much more present record.”

Moore co-wrote all 13 of the collection’s tracks, but you won’t find any nerves about sharing such personal fare with the world here. “Yeah, it is a really personal record, and anytime you’re putting yourself out there for ridicule. It’s vulnerable. [But] I believe in this record so much. I’ve learned that if you don’t have some people that hate you, then you’re not doing something right—if you’re one of those people where nobody really feels hate or love, then you’re stuck. Nobody is ever gonna care about you there. I’m okay if people hate me because that means there’s gonna be people who love me too.”

Wild Ones is due out on August 21 via MCA Nashville. Album art and tracklisting is below.


You can catch the singer this summer on Dierks Bentley’s Sounds of Summer Tour, “I love Dierks as a person and an artist, I think the world of him. I can’t wait to get this thing started.” A full list of dates is available on Moore’s website.

Wild Ones Track List:

1. Wild Ones

2. Come And Get It

3. Girl of Summer

4. Magic

5. That Was Us

6. Lipstick

7. What Ya Got On Tonight

8. Heart’s Desire

9. Complicated

10. I’m To Blame

11.That’s Alright With Me

12. Running For You

13. Comeback Kid