Credit: Jamie McCarthy/WireImage
  • James Marsden, Thomas Middleditch, Rosario Dawson, Alfred Molina, Nathan Fillion, Jane Krakowski, Rob Riggle, Craig Robinson and Will Sasso have all be added to the voice cast of Bron’s upcoming animated film Henchmen. Written and directed by Adam Wood (Escape from Planet Earth, Space Chimps) the film tells the story of the world of the Henchmen, starting when fresh-faced new recruit Lester (Middleditch) joins the Union of Evil and is assigned to a motley crew of blue-collar workers that includes Stew (Robinson), Jane (Krakowski) and their leader, and fallen henchmen, Hank (Marsden). After surviving a shift working for The Gluttonator (Sasso), they are then assigned to work at the Vault of Villainy where Lester accidently steals the “ultimate weapon.” Meanwhile, the evil Baron Blackout (Molina) and his top of the line henchmen Biff (Riggle), are looking to defeat their nemesis Captain Superior (Fillion) and, of course, take over the world. If he is going to save Lester and his team, and his love Jolene (Dawson), Hank will have to break his “risk nothing” code and become what he has avoided forever: a hero.
  • Michael Chiklis has signed on to Steven Shainberg‘s sci-fi thriller Rupture, starring Noomi Rapace. The film centers around a single mother (Rapace) who is struggling to raise her 12-year-old son alone. She is abducted by a mysterious organization and tied up in their lab while they interrogate her about her medical history. The woman eventually reveals she has a genetic abnormality which means her worst fear will lead her to “rupture,” and release her true alien nature. Chiklis will play The Bald Man, the group’s powerful point man who leads the mother’s violent capture. Shooting will begin next month. [Deadline]
  • William Fichtner has taken a lead role in Independence Day 2, playing a top general who will play an even larger role in the two films that will follow the sequel. [Deadline]
  • T.I., Dermot Mulroney, Scoot McNairy and David Harbour are joining Jamie Foxx Sleepless Night, an action thriller that centers around Vincent Downs (Foxx), who appears to be a corrupt Las Vegas cop. Mulroney and McNairy will play gangsters who kidnap his son as ransom for a shipment of cocaine he stole, while T.I. plays Downs’ partner. The film begins shooting Atlanta and Las Vegas on June 15. [The Hollywood Reporter]

  • Hannah Marks (Necessary Roughness), will play the female lead in the indie comedy Slash. The coming of age tale stars Michael Johnston (Teen Wolf) as a teenager who writes online erotic fiction that leads him to discover truths about his own sexuality and forces him into the real world because of his notoriety. The movie is an expansion into a feature from Liford’s 2012 short. Marks will play a provocative young woman who also writes erotic fiction and is an idol to Neil and the first girl he’s ever been attracted to. Shooting has begun in Texas. [The Hollywood Reporter]