Credit: Getty Images

Ricky Spicer, a member of ’60s group The Ponderosa Twins Plus One, filed a lawsuit against Kanye West in 2013 alleging that “Bound 2,” a single off that year’s Yeezus, sampled a Ponderosa Twins Plus One song titled “Bound” without permission. Spicer’s attorney, Brittany Weiner, confirmed Thursday that the parties have reached a settlement and “the case has been resolved.”

Spicer originally filed the lawsuit against West, Roc-A-Fella Records, Universal Music, Island Def Jam Music, and Rhino Records in December 2013 for “unjust enrichment and common law copyright infringement.” According to the lawsuit, obtained by EW, a 12-year-old Spicer sings “bound to fall in love” throughout “Bound,” and that refrain eventually ended up being sampled in “Bound 2.”

The lawsuit asserts that West “knowingly used the voice audio recording of Mr. Spicer without his authorization or consent” and claims Spicer deserves “exemplary damages.” The terms of the settlement are confidential at this time.