Credit: Esther Horvath/FilmMagic

On Wednesday a warrant was issued for the arrest of Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans for alleged domestic violence against her former fiance, Nathan Griffith.

According to the Myrtle Beach Police Department’s report, Griffith filed a restraining order against Evans Wednesday after he said she came to his home and attacked him.

Griffith told police that Evans had called him from a blocked number requesting that he come outside, which he did because she said she was damaging his car. Griffith said that when he came outside Evans said “Now I know where you live!” The victim told police he smelled alcohol on his ex and believed she was intoxicated. According to Griffith, this is when Evans began “slapping, punching, and trying to kick [him] down the stairs.” He also claims that Evans tried to hit him in the face and provoke him but he did not fight back, even after she tried choking him with his shirt and digging her nails into him.

During the altercation Griffith’s neighbors came outside and told them to “settle down.” It was then that Griffith said he told Evans to leave but she refused and tried to enter the apartment. Griffith attempted to, and finally did, close and lock the door on Evans while she screamed “Let me in!,” the police report states.

Evans stood outside Griffith’s apartment screaming, “He has my phone!” and “He won’t give me back my son!” The report states that she eventually left the scene but continued to call Griffith. He has apparent minor injuries including sctraches around his neck, a ripped t-shirt and bruising around his neck that are consistent with his story.

A warrant was issued for Evans arrest for criminal domestic violence. However, Evans’ reps is claiming that Griffith was responsible for the altercation and withholding their son, Kaiser, from her.