Credit: Marta Iwanek/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Margaret Atwood has become the first author of 100 authors to submit a manuscript to the Future Library, which won’t be read until 2114.

The Future Library, located in Oslo, Norway, is the brainchild of Scottish artist Katie Paterson. The project will invite one author per year to store their secret, unpublished work in the Deichman Library in Oslo, according to the BBC. The title of Atwood’s work, Scribbler Moon, is the only piece of information the beloved author has shared, as participating authors aren’t allowed to reveal any details of what they’ve written.

“My mouth is zipped tight,” Atwood told CBC News, “and everyone is trying to get this out of me in every way possible. But, no dice.”

The collection of 100 total texts will be printed, according to The Guardian, using 1,000 freshly planted trees from Oslo’s Nordmarka forest. The 2015 author has also officially been chosen—British author David Mitchell. But like the Canadian novelist’s work, fans will have to wait until 2114 for the big reveal.

Atwood recently talked with EW about her participation in this year’s #TwitterFictionFestival, available here.