Credit: HBO

T.J. Miller is aiming to double his comedy pleasure at HBO with an alien invasion.

The network has ordered a pilot for The Gorburger Show from the Silicon Valley star. The prospective series is an adaptation of Funny or Die’s YouTube series also titled The Gorburger Show, which features Miller voicing an English-speaking extra terrestrial who is holding the staff of a Japanese morning talk show hostage while he tries to learn about humans by interviewing some of our more famous ones. Or, as Miller sums it up to EW: “A giant, blue alien monster comes to Earth and takes over a Japanese morning show, enslaving those he hasn’t eaten to broadcast The Gorburger Show, which is a talk show wherein he interviews musicians, pop culture icons, celebrities and Moby. Expect interviews that can’t be found elsewhere, philosophy mixed with the batsh– absurd, and an overall good time. Also, gorecore and plenty of blood and Magic Castle visits and a pants cannon.”

Miller says he was immediately drawn to the original show by “the idea of animatronic puppets and an attitude opposite of the very funny Triumph the Insult Comic Dog—not cynical or mean, but optimistic and excitable. Plus… the possibility of interviewing Moby!”

If ordered as a series by HBO, The Gorburger Show will offer up “bigger guests, larger cinderblocks and an interview with Cindy Crawford,” he quips. In future episodes, audiences will learn that “Gorburger may or may not hold humanity’s fate in either his hands or the hands of his good friend and cousin, Norburger.”

The Gorburger pilot incudes appearances by Ed Helms, Johnny Knoxville, and, yes, Moby, as well as a musical collaboration with Danny Brown and Health, and a performance by Eagles of Death Metal.

Miller, who will star in the big-screen adaptation of Deadpool, serves as executive producer/writer with Martin and McNeely on the Funny or Die show, which —which was created by Josh Martin and Ryan McNeely (aka The Director Brothers)—ran for two seasons on YouTube and featured notable names such as Jack Black, Henry Rollins, Flea, Carson Daly, Eagles of Death Metal, and Tegan and Sara.