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Are we going to see Jamie outside of Wentworth prison in the Outlander finale? – Sara

Fear not, Murtagh’s plan to rescue Jamie is successful! But it isn’t Jamie’s survival that you should be worried about. Rather, it’s the emotional effects from the trauma he endured while with Black Jack. The question is: Can he ever move on and once again be the husband that Claire deserves? Final tip for the finale: Have plenty of tissues handy.

Now that Benson has adopted baby Noah, might SVU think about a love interest for her? — Tim

That is something EP Warren Leight is considering as next season focuses on transitions. “There will be a lot of change next year for all of our characters,” he says. “I don’t know that she needs a man. Usually those things happen when you’re not looking for them. The promotion to lieutenant will happen sooner rather than later for her. With that comes a moment for her to acknowledge how much she has accomplished. Possibly, at that time, when you’re feeling better about yourself, other things come your way.”

So, is Mike really alive or dead on Graceland? — Finley

The promos have been confusing, right? I don’t want to ruin the premiere, but I will tell you that Graceland may soon have a vacancy. You’ll have to tune in to find out!

Is Skye really going to head up Secret Warriors on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? — Brittania

That seems to be the indication. For her part, Chloe Bennet says Skye is ready for that responsibility. “The Skye that I auditioned as is nothing close to the Skye that she has become,” the actress tells me. “She’s maturing faster than I am. She was a hippie hacker in a van that was anti-S.H.I.E.L.D. and anti-government. Now she works for S.H.I.E.L.D., she’s an Inhuman, she has trained and understands why S.H.I.E.L.D. does what they do.” Still, Bennet says “there’s a level of devastation” following her mother’s death that will forever change Skye.

Do you know who will be playing Sherlock’s dad on Elementary? — Kylie

Not quite yet, but I do have a bit of scoop on Papa Holmes. “Sherlock’s dad, like Sherlock, is a complicated man,” executive producer Rob Doherty tells me. “When Sherlock has described him, he hasn’t painted a picture of a very loving father… and yet it’s worth noting this will be the second time he’s taken steps to help his son during a difficult time.” Put your dream castings in the comments below.

I’d like some good news for Game of Thrones for once. — Sean

Well, there is a sex scene in this week’s episode that won’t make you want to smash your TV. And if you love Cersei, we’ll see plenty more of her this week as Olenna Tyrell tries to free her imprisoned family members.

It’s been a while since you’ve shared anything Orphan Black. What gives? — Mitchell

This week’s episode features a brilliant moment that rivals last season’s Clone Club dance party. In unrelated news, a familiar face that we haven’t seen in a long while will resurface in a very unique way.

Wait, so we aren’t even in the original timeline on The Flash? — Jamie

Correct. As revealed in the finale, Eobard traveling back in time in the first place created a brand new timeline—much like the other timelines Barry spied while running through the speed force, including the one with Caitlin as Killer Frost. However, I wouldn’t rule out seeing the original timeline again. “Never say never, especially on a show about time travel,” EP Andrew Kreisberg says coyly.

Whatever happened to Taran Killam guesting on New Girl as a love interest for Jess? — Melanie

He’s still slated to appear, but not until season 5. However, “love interest” isn’t quite the right description. “For Jess, it’s about seeing Schmidt and Cece getting engaged and what does that do for her?” EP Liz Meriwether says. “When your best friend is going to get married to another one of your very close friends, it makes you question your own relationship choices. It’s a wake up call a little bit of Jess wanting to be in a relationship and meet somebody that she is going to possibly could get married to. With Taran Killam, she’s trying to give him a chance in a way she probably wouldn’t without that in her mind. That episode is actually about her falling in love with his parents and then almost wants to date his parents, not him.”

Is there any chance of really finding a cure for zombism on iZombie? — Sina

Sure, but the real question is what that would make Liv if she’s no longer the undead. “There is a lot of promise,” Rose McIver says. “I don’t think they know necessarily how to fine tune it. There may be side effects from whatever the cure is. Who knows how foolproof that may be.”

Best news I’ve heard all week: Mini-Pornstache is my everything.

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Additional reporting by James Hibberd and Samantha Highfill.

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