Credit: Lauren Massie

Folk rocker Nicki Bluhm released Loved Wild Lost last month, her second album with her group, The Gramblers. It features more of the sunny, hippie-influenced songs she’s become known for in recent years—and now she’s released a cute video for one of the record’s best tracks, “Waiting on Love.”

The video stars Jason Ritter (Parenthood, Girls) and Melanie Lynskey (Togetherness, Two and a Half Men) as they trample through a cardboard city constructed by Mike Murnane of San Francisco’s Cardboard Institute of Technology—yes, that is a real thing. “We wanted to capture that feeling of a warm and fuzzy punch in the gut,” the band writes of the video, which it says “tells the story of a world under attack by an unlikely villain—a couple blinded by love and oblivious to the threat they pose to the world around them.”

Check out EW‘s exclusive premiere of the heartwarming clip below.