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His most memorable moment from this season of Survivor: Worlds Apart was memorable for all the wrong reasons. After sharing his secret stash of food and then being accused of hoarding more of it, Will Sims II unloaded on Shirin with a vicious personal attack. That feud spilled over into last night’s Reunion show as the two debated whether Will had actually ever sincerely apologized for the incident. All of that overshadowed Will’s performance in the game—a performance that landed him a tie with Carolyn for second place. Will called into Entertainment Weekly Radio (SiriusXM, channel 105) to chat with Jessica Shaw and me about his controversial outing.

DALTON ROSS: You make it all the way to the end and you only get one vote—from Rodney. Did that surprise you?

WILL SIMS II: No, that didn’t surprise me. I knew Rodney had my back from day one. I didn’t have the resume that Mike and Carolyn had. Mike won five immunities, Mama C had two, and I didn’t have any, so I think the jury got it right.

ROSS: What was it like when Shirin got up there at the final Tribal? You knew she was gonna have something to say. She called you a “dead fish.” What were you thinking when that went down?

I thought it was funny. She wanted to have her 15 seconds of fame and wanted to go down like the next Sue Hawk, so I knew it was coming.

JESSICA SHAW: I’m curious about what really happened afterward at Ponderosa with you two, when you both were first out of the game.

After final Tribal, you know, after they do the final votes and stuff, we get back to Ponderosa. And the first thing I wanted to do was to right the wrong, and I found her. We were all in kitchen area, and we were signing a sheet of paper—putting our email address, our phone numbers, birth dates. She came up to me and said, “Hey, Will. Why don’t you sign the sheet?” And right then, I knew that she would be open to accept an apology because we haven’t spoken since the blow up. So I knew she was open to receive an apology, and I was ready to give her one. And that’s what happened.

ROSS: The Reunion show last night was certainly tense ,and we kinda ran out of time as you two were going back and forth. Things felt a bit open-ended. Did you guys get a chance to talk more after the reunion?

No. I did what I needed to do, and I owned up to my mistake. I apologized and, as far as I’m concerned, I’m done with it.

ROSS: I realize now that you couldn’t even catch up, because she immediately got on a bus to go play again.

Even if she didn’t, that was it.

SHAW: Did you take any heat from women in your life after this all went down? What was it like after that episode aired? Did people tell you that you took it too far?

A lot of people, when they saw the kind gesture that I did with sharing my food, they understood why I was upset. And some said I did take it too far, but a lot of the people that saw the episode weren’t fans of Shirin anyway. They thought she was annoying from the beginning and they know how TV is edited—what’s shown and what’s not shown. So they saw both sides of the situation. Some said, “You did go a little too far, but we understand why you were upset.”

ROSS: What has it been like over the past month or whatever to hear the public reaction on social media or whatever to what happened out there with your comments to Shirin? I imagine that’s been tough.

Not really, because I really don’t listen to noise, and I knew that was a bunch of noise. As the Survivor fans, you can only judge people by what you see. So if I was a fan on the outside looking in, I could see how people were upset. And like I said, Dan and I never knew her background, and I’m sorry she had to go through that—but we all have badges. Nobody goes through life without trials and tribulations. With that being said, it still doesn’t excuse what I did. But I can understand people being upset because, on the outside looking in, what I said was hurtful. So I can see why people were upset.

ROSS: On a more positive note, there was clearly a look of pride on your face when going through that grueling final challenge. Talk a little about that.

What people don’t know: That final challenge was not only the hardest one, but we had to do it without eating for three days. We ran out of food. So we didn’t have food for three days, and then on top of that, you tried to do that challenge and it just wiped us out. There was nothing left, at least not for me. I had nothing left, nothing to pull from, so I’m surprised I even made it through that challenge.

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