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SURVIVOR: Island of the Idols

He insisted right after being voted out of Survivor: Worlds Apart that he would have won had he made it to the finals. He continued to insist that at the start of last night’s live Reunion. And now, even after Jeff Probst asked those who would have voted for the guy to raise their hands—and the hands proved that he would not have won—Rodney Lavoie Jr. still insists he would have taken home the million dollar prize if only he’d beaten Carolyn in that fire-making tiebreaker.

That was just one of the revelations from our conversation with the fourth-place finisher when he called into Entertainment Weekly Radio (SiriusXM, channel 105) to chat with Jessica Shaw and me about his time in the game. He also made sure to repeatedly refer to himself in the third person. Enjoy!

DALTON ROSS: What happened in that firemaking challenge? Had you not worked on the fire at all while out there?

RODNEY LAVOIE JR.: The funny thing is, me and Mama C always started the fires for the tribe. The thing is, we’ve got amber from the fire so we never used the flint. Those flints were useless. So when the last vote came, I had Will in my back pocket the whole game. Look at the jury: I smashed up Will and he was a No Collar, right? And who ended up on the jury? All the No Collars. So it came down to this fire-making challenge and it happened, it is what it is. And Mike—in the edit, he called me a goat, but if I’m a goat, why don’t you take a goat to the end and guarantee yourself a million dollars? He was scared, and when they read the votes in the finale, it was closer than the dominance that it showed on the card. When Mike comes out in these interviews with you, he’ll tell you he didn’t want to see me at the end because it could have went a little differently. That million dollar check could go a different way.

ROSS: Even at the start of last night’s reunion, you thought you would have won had you made it to the end. What was it like to find out that would not have been the case after Jeff asked for a show of hands?

The show’s already done. You knew what was gonna happen, so all the episodes and everything were around Mike. If I was to get to the final Tribal Council, and they knew what the votes were, and then Rodney won, it would have been based around my win; maybe a social game, and they’d edit it and chop it up a certain way. But if you go back to what happened, Mike’s number one thing was Jenn. And Jenn cropped up Mike, turning to the jury and say, “You guys are stupid. If you don’t vote for Mike, then I don’t get it. This is blasphemy. He was by far the best player!” She made this huge speech, and the crowd erupted. But how come when they did the jury and they asked what jury members would do [If Rodney had made the final three instead of Carolyn], Jenn raised her hand and said she would have voted for Rodney? So the fact of the matter is, go read Hali towards when she called Rodney the most underestimated. Go read Shirin: “Rodney, he’s the evil person who leads a bunch of weak links.” When the game’s going down, all it takes is one day. One day can change everybody’s mind. And what does Rodney do best? Eat food and talk shit, and I didn’t get my chance. I went all the way to day 38. I wake up, I eat food, and then I preach to the jury why I got my case and instead I get a little bit of “what if…what if.”

JESSICA SHAW: Did you really think Will was the guy most deserving of the three for your vote? Or was it more like, “He’s my boy, I’m gonna give it to him.”

At the end of the game, me and Will were just like [to Carolyn], “Listen, get out of here. We’re putting your name down.” And she started crying, and she knew that this was her last straw, and she had to go down there. Mike took her, and taught her for two days how to make fire to try to get me out. So if I was such a goat, why are you teaching her? If I was such a goat and I was such a bad play and you weren’t scared of me, why not take the goats such as me and Will? Why would you wanna risk a million dollars? So there was a method to his madness, and he knew, “Damn! Rodney’s getting everybody laughing. Rodney’s doing impersonations.” I’m getting everybody going, getting everybody laughing. That’s all it takes to win this game. It’s about those people who are gonna vote for you. Can you win over their hearts? And I’m pretty good at doing that.

SHAW: But what about giving your vote to Will? What did he do to win your vote?

After day 30, I don’t remember too much. I was very, very sick. I had pancreas failure, I had liver failure, and I had parasites. I couldn’t even do, like, two pushups. I was very, very hurt. People can talk all this hoopla, but my body took a beating. And when I came out of it, I played the game how I lived it. I didn’t make huge cutthroat moves. I wasn’t a Mama C, where I had Tyler for so many days and then bang! Wow, what a cutthroat move, you cut off your man. I basically played the middle. I played the fiddle. I rolled with the blues a little bit, I rolled with my axis of evil a little bit, and didn’t screw anybody over. So I voted Will because my whole life, I’m about loyalty and I’m about keeping it real. And Will, since the merge, we put everybody on the jury together and he kept it real. So I’m like, “This is my boy, and if I want anybody this season to win the million dollars, it was Will.” Mike was a beast, and he deserves the million dollars 150 thousand percent.

ROSS: Jeff Probst let you off the hook a bit last night. He was going to come to you to ask you about your comments about women during the season, but he ran out of time. What would you have said had he come to you on that?

I was gonna say it was so misdirected. I had so much fun out there, and every single woman on this cast absolutely adores me. So if you do an interview and they ask about me, you will not see no woman hating on me out there. If Hillary Clinton was to become the next president of the United States, I would throw a damn party. I love women, all shapes and sizes, all forms of women. So people think I’m a sexist pig. It’s so crazy, because how can I be a sexist pig when I love my mother as much as I do? I made my mother the most popular Survivor mother in history. I never seen somebody’s mother get talked about so much.

So the comments may have come off offensive, but one of the comments I made, when I said, “spank her like a bad baby,” was a reference from Liar Liar from Jim Carey back in the day. So I actually quoted him. If you look back in the edit, Sierra is laughing. And we had so much jokes, that’s what I’m all about. I watch movies, I make references as you’ve seen. I was the punchline king out there, so if you took me seriously all the way and you read the edit that way, then you’ve got some serious problems. Because I’m just full of comedy. That’s how I made it far. I was the comic relief for everybody out there.

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