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Say what you want about the show, but you can’t deny the chemistry between the two leads in The Mysteries of Laura. Even though they play a divorced couple, it’s evident that Jake adores Laura’s feisty demeanor. And history has proven that Jake’s undeniable charm is Laura’s kryptonite. They’ve figured out how to work together and raise their kids without disrespecting or killing the each other.

Of course, all bets are off when Jake gets shot. Laura pulls every relationship card, and detective card for that matter, to rush to Jake’s side in the hospital. With a bullet lodged mere centimeters from his heart, the doctor explains that Laura needs to remain calm. Laura has very little patience with such nonsense. There’s a mystery to be solved. And she’s is on the hunt for a suspect.

Laura joins the team at the corner store. Billy informs her that there were only two witnesses—Joseph the clerk and the girl Jake jumped in front of during the shooting. As Laura stares at a huge blood stain—Jake’s blood—Frankie suggests Laura head back to the hospital to wait for Jake to come out of surgery.

The team returns to the precinct to track down a lead. Apparently the neighborhood has experienced several robberies and Frankie manages to locate a stolen cell phone at a club. She and Meredith check it out, throw around their badges, and arrest deejay MC Fern for sporting some sweet kicks that just happen to be stolen. Rookie mistake.

MC Fern never explains the origin of his unfortunate deejay name, but he does swear that he never shot a cop. It doesn’t matter that his van is full of stolen goods and he has a nine millimeter. The corner store never has cash. Why would he steal a can of Pringles and a whimsical cigarette lighter when there’s a perfectly good sneaker store next door? Once ballistics confirms MC Lame Name’s gun wasn’t a match, the team figures they are looking for someone outside the neighborhood.

Meanwhile, Laura interrogates Jake the minute he wakes up in recovery. Being the captain, Jake is eager to find his shooter as well. He was able to recall the man saying the phrase “9:00 AM Wednesday.” Clearly the shooter knew Joseph.

Laura force feeds Jake ice chips. Between bites, he asks Laura to forgive him for betraying her in their marriage. Laura accuses Jake of emotionally manipulating her during his brush with death. Jake laughs, frowns, loses consciousness, and then flatlines. SOMEONE SAVE THE HOT CAPTAIN!

The doctor explains that when Jake went down, he suffered a blow to the head. Now his brain is hemorrhaging and the only way to stop it is to place Jake in a medically induced coma. Laura’s distraught quickly turns to anger. Watch out, bad guys: Heads are going to roll.

It’s all hands on deck at the precinct. Meredith searches Joseph’s house and finds $10,000 in a bag from a store that sells booty shorts and sparkle tops. Laura immediately assumes he has a girlfriend. She finds a receipt in the bag and is able to track down a new lead. And that lead’s name is Faron. Who is Faron, you ask? Why, she’s the lucky girl who was on the receiving end of Jake’s chivalry.

Meredith brings Faron into the station and she admits that she is Joseph’s girlfriend, but she didn’t know anything about a bag full of money. She also claims that he called her once to say he was safe, and that’s the last she’s heard from him. Meredith takes her to the hospital. Hey, Faron, meet Laura—your worst nightmare.

Faron spills her guts through emotional tears. Joseph is a prodigy. In fact, he’s figured out a way to make a gun with his 3D printer. A man hired him once he learned that Joseph had cracked the code on synthetic plastics. Translation? These guns can pass through metal detectors without anyone knowing.

The team analyzes the voice message from Joseph. It’s clear that a plane was flying at 1,000 feet, because that’s super easy to figure out. All they have to do now is canvas the hotels surrounding LaGuardia, JFK, and Newark. Fortunately, Laura has sonar hearing and is able to depict the faint melody of an ice cream truck. Things are quickly cross referenced, and voila! Meredith and Billy find Joseph holed up in a hotel room.

It’s too bad Joseph already made the drop. Laura joins Frankie and Meredith at the car wash of all places, where biker dudes and sweet ladies with sleeping babies in strollers all inhabit the same building. Something does not smell right. Laura kicks into high gear, begging someone to admit they shot her husband. Naturally, one big biker dude looks at another dude, who thinks he can get away. Has he never watched this show? Frankie takes him down in the swishy part of the car wash. Amateur. He tells the big biker dude to go to the courthouse to find his lawyer.

As soon as we assume justice is served, the lawyer arrives in street clothes. Laura asks him why he wasn’t dressed up for court. Spoiler: He wasn’t at court. It was a double message! Go to the courthouse. Find my lawyer. Max rushes in to tell the team that one of the biker’s arch rivals is on trial that morning. And trials start at 9:00 AM. That’s the target!

At the courthouse, everyone rushes into an empty courtroom. Confused, they learn that the trial was postponed. Laura goes downstairs to check the security cameras. Instead of bikers, she spies the woman with the baby stroller from the car wash. And her imaginary baby’s mobile looks a lot like pieces for a plastic gun. BINGO!

Laura and Billy reach the courtroom just in time for the woman to pull the gun at the man on trial who killed her daughter. Using her effective mother skills, Laura talks the woman off the ledge. Justice is finally served.

Laura returns to the hospital right as the doctors pull Jake out of his coma. He sees Laura and begs her to give him another chance. He asks her if she still loves him, and she reluctantly answers, “Maybe a little.” Jake beams.

Poor Tony stands outside with a box full of food. Laura explains that she needs some time to figure things out and he promises to wait for her forever. Scenarios like this happen all the time in real life. When Laura goes back into the hospital room, Jake has no recollection of their conversation before. Now that she has admitted to sort of loving Jake, will she go down that path? Or choose the man who makes amazing grilled cheese sandwiches? We’ll find out in season 2.

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