By Shirley Li
Updated May 21, 2015 at 12:50 PM EDT
Credit: CBS

James Corden, like several other celebrities, paid tribute to David Letterman’s final show by singing him a song. But Corden, who performed a version of “Every Breath You Take,” had the help of a special guest—Sting, who wrote the original—and a special filming location: right in front of the Ed Sullivan Thater.

That said, Sting did most of the singing, while Corden decided to add a rap verse, loudly harmonized, and eventually got coached by his partner. “Do something, but make sure no one hears it,” Sting tells him, exasperated. “Particularly me.”

Corden also took some time during his monologue to wish Letterman goodbye. “When I got this show, I genuinely couldn’t believe I would be following David Letterman—and neither could he,” Corden jokes. “Rarely is there a performer one can say truly revolutionized television, but when it comes to David Letterman, that definition I don’t think goes far enough.”

Watch his speech below:

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