Credit: Alamo Drafthouse

What would the voices of Inside Out tell you to do if you wanted to answer a text in the middle of a movie? Joy would probably tell you to answer it, because it might be someone telling you something happy. Fear would probably tell you to ignore it, because it might be bad news. And Anger? You really don’t want to hear what Anger has to say.

As part of Alamo Drafthouse’s series of “Don’t Talk” PSAs, Lewis Black takes his frustration to a whole new level. The actor, who (appropriately) voices the emotion of Anger inPixar’s summer film, gives you pretty compelling reasons not to pick up your phone. In fact, Black has a host of choice synonyms for such rude behavior, should you choose to engage in texting, including self-caring, self-centered, unsympathetic…well, you get the picture.

Watch Black try to stop himself from putting his foot down in the PSA. Inside Out opens in theaters everywhere June 19.

Credit: Alamo Drafthouse
Inside Out
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