Transparent star Jeffrey Tambor confessed on Tuesday night that he was so nervous for his transgender character, Maura, to come out to her children that he felt sick to his stomach. Tambor made the remarks at an event at New York’s Paley Center for media to promote the show for Primetime Emmy consideration.

“I was plenty nervous, and still am,” Tambor said. Noting the scene in which Maura came out to daughter Sarah (Amy Landecker), he said he was “throw-up nervous.”

Why such strong nerves? Tambor knew it would be an important scene for the real-world transgender community, and he wanted to get it right. “I need to do it correctly for the [transgender] community, because lives are at stake,” Tambor said, explaining his thinking.

Apparently Tambor, Maura, and Transparent creator Jill Soloway have already helped one prominent transgender person: Bruce Jenner. Soloway also said Bruce and the Kardashians watched Transparent, and that “it helped Bruce feel more comfortable coming out.”

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