Credit: Ton Koene

Back in February, Paramount hired The Fault in Our Stars screenwriters Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber to adapt John Green’s Looking for Alaska. Green was thrilled — “VERY VERY GOOD NEWS,” he wrote on Twitter — but he doesn’t have much else to add at the moment. Not that people aren’t pressuring him for some news.

“I. Do. Not. Cast. Movie. Adaptations. Of. My. Books. I am not a casting director. Please stop threatening to kill me,” Green wrote on Twitter. Which doesn’t preclude him from having ideas.

In responses to fans, Green wrote he was sure “great people will be cast” and that he would back any grassroots movement to have a young woman of color in the title role of Alaska.

“I would support that campaign wholeheartedly (and have said as much to those in charge),” Green wrote.

Looking for Alaska does not yet have a release date or a director.

Looking for Alaska
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