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Credit: Alex John Beck

Vampire Weekend released three albums between 2008-13, and while fans may be ready for new music, frontman Ezra Koenig says the band is experiencing one of its “long gestation periods.”

Talking to Jesse Cohen on his No Effects podcast (via Consequence of Sound), Koenig stressed the importance of a band’s fourth album, using Radiohead and Kanye West as examples. “Both of them have fourth albums that are kind of pivots,” he said.

So while Koenig says Vampire Weekend has been working on a new album, they’re not “in a zone of getting in there everyday.”

“I’m not in a rush to dive into making an album,” Koenig said. “I want the next album to kind of feel like a new era.”

Koenig mentioned how, with three albums under their belt, it’s natural for the band to want to change things up. “You had a hat trick and after that, you can have some fun,” he said. Vampire Weekend rushed through making Contra in hopes of releasing it one year after their self-titled debut, so now they’re taking some time to parse out exactly what they want on their next release.

“Right now really just kind of feels like the offseason,” Koenig said.

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